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The King Center Salman Social is non - profit bodies leading pain of lakh , and offers many of the programs and activities of cultural , social and health awareness, recreational and volunteer in order to upgrade the quality of family life Saudi Arabia, is also considered an effective social platform for community empowerment , integration and cooperation with the three sectors .(public , private and civil In performing social responsibility)

The idea of establishing the center began in 1990 AD to bear the name of Prince Salman in his honor for the services he provided to the city of Riyadh, and the center was officially opened in 1997 AD, and since its establishment, it aims to become a national institution to provide community services to Saudi families, and to strengthen the role of the third sector (the social sector In community development and upgrading this role to a contemporary service concept while preserving the privacy of Islamic values and Arab traditions. With the beginning of the year 201 8 m Center launched its strategic plan for .(ten years aimed at achieving renewable aspirations of society, and to keep up with the kingdom 's vision)2030

Today, the center seeks, through its active national social platform , to actively contribute to raising the quality of life for the Saudi family, to contribute to addressing its life and living issues, and to contribute to cooperation and integration between the three governmental, private and social sectors to enhance the concept of social responsibility and improve social performance . .in general

In the same endeavor, the goals included the center of many of the plan 's ambitious social programs to improve the quality of services provided to the family of Saudi Arabia, and activating the role of the third sector to keep pace with the aspirations of .( the vision of the Kingdom 2030 )

The center also adopted recently a deep program in its implications and its concept, it was E. divorce under the name (arrived and continues), seeking E. Lee to achieve communication between the effective members of society, and bridge the gap between the scientific, cultural and cognitive generations, and maximize the benefit of parents experiences and transfer to a generation of children, and the launch of The positive energies inherent in successive generations, and the establishment of .the concept of good example

Perhaps the highlights of the plan of the Center strategy is the question of the sustainability of the deep and broad sense, which includes the a qualitative impact added of the value of a social side workers E. Lee side with the sustainability of operational efficiency and financial organizations is not profitable , and logistics, social and financial sustainability equates .with renewable aspirations For families and aspirations of the Kingdom's vision


Provide social services based on knowledge, performance and sustainability as a distinct model of the Third Sector


To be the First contributor on serving, developing and empowering community


Respect, Justice, Integrity,Achievement,Cooperation

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In accordance with the principles of disclosure and for the aim of documenting center’s achievements, periodic reports are issued on website.