19 November 2018

Mission – Vision - Objectives - Values

Our Vision

Taking care of the brain health as a part of the physical health, encouraging for more interaction and communication between the society members which will reinforce and enhance team working and its message


Our Message

In compliance to the rapid development of the Saudi society, we provide unique charitable services such as social, entertainment, health, and awareness to cover the needs of a wide range of families as possible



  •    Professionalism: adopt the highest standers of integrity, stability, knowledge and specialized skills
  •       Service oriented to beneficiaries: we fully understand the peopl needs, for that we work hard to deliver our services with respect, secrecy and Integrity
  •     Social engagement: we engage with the society to achieve our goals and provide our services
  •     Effective Communication: to better understand each other
  • Continuous development: we Strive for excellence



  •  Taking care of the elderlyand provide our best services for them
  •    Establish  services such as social, cultural, health and sport activities, in addition to a distinctive charity programs
  •   Support the families of the elderly and provide the required help needed to make use of their spare time.
  •   Ensure a continues connection between the elderly and their social sphere
  • Enable the society members to acquire more experiences and knowledge, also develop the ability to adopt with the new changes in the society. 

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